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FAHA Historical Photos and Documents

Sovinto Hall - Photos and history of the building that was originally at 1330 W 8th Street
Men's Choir - Photo and information
Humina Band 1 Program and Photo with information
Humina Band 2 Photo and information
Humina Band 1927 Photo and information of tour to Finland
Early Members Of The Kaleva Ladies Document
Early Members Of The Kaleva Ladies Tupa c.1938 Photo & Document
Finnish Dock Workers 1938
Men of Bethany 1920
Kaleva Hall 2009, as it looks today

FAHA Group Events of Past Years

Village Tour 09 FAHA visit to the Joshua Giddings Law Office and Jefferson Depot Village, May 16, 2009
Annual Fish Fry 2010 August 23, Saybrook Township Park
Annual Juhannus Picnic 2010 June 21, Haywood Beach
Annual Fish Fry 2009 August 19, Saybrook Township Park
May 17, 2010 Meeting

Finnish-American Families

Pouttu Family
Isak and Kaisa Sippola Family 1913

2012 Photos and Events

Paul Alanko Fish Carving
June Violin Concert
Larry Kaufman, Stained Glass Artisan
Gary and Marcia Piiponen and Wayne Ritari
Jim Salo Threw Out the First Pitch
Leroy Kaufman's Golf Trophy Award
Sarah Altonen Sang

Other photos

Sauna Painting by Ray Koski
Visitors from Finland
Museum Cabin
Brick Walk
Museum Photos
Memorial Tree
Kalevala Village, Finland 2009
Tervetuloa Group
Debbie and Leroy Hurst Sisu Garden at FACC
Santa Clause at the Museum (Leroy Hurst)